Frequently Asked Questions

Register your details and choose the beneficiary you would like to donate your inkjet cartridges to.

If your chosen charity or non-profit is not already registered with Recycle4Charity, you can register them by clicking "register new charity".

Once registered, you can select whether you wish to receive Freepost recycling bags or recycling collection boxes, depending on how many cartridges you have to send and how you wish on collecting cartridges in the future.

Once the Freepost recycling bags or recycling collection boxes are full, please return then to us. Freepost bags should be posted back via the Royal Mail using a letterbox or at your local Post Office. To send in a collection box, please call the number on the box, book your collection at, or email us at

If you are running a larger fundraising campaign you can distribute bags and boxes as you see fit. Your chosen cause will be paid quarterly.

Only inkjet cartridges on our wanted list will generate a donation to your chosen charity or non-profit. If other printer cartridges are received, which are not on the wanted list, they will be treated in a compliant manner according to the Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation, however will not generate a donation. We cannot take any mobile phones, printers, laptops or batteries for recycling.

The value of an inkjet cartridge is dependent on the manufacturer's brand and model and may vary from day-to-day in line with market fluctuations. In general, the price guide is £1 per cartridge, but please ensure you have checked our wanted list for the quarterly value of any specific cartridge.

Most of the time the answer is yes! If your cartridge is not on our wanted list then unfortunately it does not have a donation value but it can still be recycled. If you are looking for a hassle-free service for the collection of other cartridges and printer consumables, please click here.

We do not accept some cartridges such as Epson as they are actually ‘ink tanks’ rather than ‘inkjets’. Inkjets have a ‘printhead’ on the cartridge where the ink is dispersed. This is what gives a cartridge its recycling value.

Other than raising money for good causes, recycling inkjet cartridges means less non-biodegradable components being dumped in landfill sites. Any hazardous and precious materials are recovered, and in many instances new jobs are created. We operate a 0% landfill policy and any cartridge we cannot recycle or recover, will be turned into energy. Most importantly your cartridges will not end up in landfill.

Log in to your account and click arrange collection. Please don't send the box back until you have a minimum of 25 items to return. Remove all packaging and pack them in a box. If you do not have a box big enough to hold a minimum of 25 items, you can pack the items into multiple smaller boxes and tape them together to form 1 package.

No. Please recycle any packaging materials yourself. By just sending in the item you can fit more in the recycling bags and keep postage costs and any associated carbon footprint down to a minimum.

Log in to your account and click breakdown statement to see how much you and your supporters have raised by donating your inkjets. This works just the same if you are running a larger campaign because all the boxes and bags ordered through you, feature your ID number and will show up on your statement. Charities will also receive a quarterly statement via email.

The breakdown statement shows how much you have raised for your cause, historical payments and how much waste you have kept out of landfill.

They may still be waiting to be processed. It can take around 15-20 days from the day of posting / collection to show on your breakdown statement.

If after 30 days from the time the items were sent, there is still no record of them on your statement please contact us to confirm reception of your bags and boxes.

We will offer £25 compensation if a collection box is lost in transit. Proof of collection or posting will be required.

Yes. Simply repeat the quick and simple registration process specifying a different charity. With each registration you will be assigned a unique Supporter ID, so when you want to order more Freepost bags or collection boxes you can login with that Supporter ID to receive the correct items.

If the charity or non-profit that you wish to raise money for doesn't appear in the search list then please add it to our list.

Yes. Once you have registered a charity or any non-profit organisation on our registration page the organisation will appear in the search menu for new users. Anyone who subsequently selects it will raise money for that organisation.

Yes. The process is the same whether you register a new beneficiary or select from those who are already registered.