Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Recycle4Charity programme is open to any users, charities, schools and other good causes that want to either send us their used ink cartridges or create a fundraising account with us.

All you need to do is choose the beneficiary you would like to donate your ink cartridges to.

If your chosen charity or not-for-profit is not already registered with Recycle4Charity, you can register it by clicking "register new charity".

Order Free Postage Labels if you have the cartridges ready to send in or alternatively order a Collection Box if you are starting your fundraising now.

Once you print your Free Postage Label or your Collection Box is full, please return them to us using a letterbox or at your local Post Office.

Only ink cartridges on our wanted list can be reused and will generate a donation to your chosen charity or not-for-profit. Other printer ink cartridges will need be handled in a compliant manner according to the Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation.

We also cannot take any toner/laser cartridges, mobile phones, printers, laptops or batteries for recycling.

The value of an ink cartridge depends on the manufacturer's make and model and will vary daily in line with market fluctuations. Typically, original cartridges have a higher value than remanufactured ones but before you send them in please ensure you have checked our wanted list for the value of your specific cartridges.

We only process donations above £2 on any packages sent to us. Packages with cartridges with no donation value have high costs associated with it. Remember the programme is free to all users therefore, we kindly ask you follow our guidelines so that we maximize donations to charities.

Most of the time the answer is yes! If your cartridge is not on our wanted list, then unfortunately it does not have a donation value, but it can still be recycled. If you are looking for a hassle-free service for the collection of other cartridges and printer consumables, please click here.

We do not accept some cartridges such as laser and toner cartridges as they have no recycling value to us. They are bulky and heavy and since it is not possible to raise funds to charities with the recycling of them, we kindly ask you to recycle them via Zero Waste Recycling. Not taking toners means we can focus on the ones that are beneficial to the charities.

Other than raising money for good causes, recycling ink cartridges means less non-biodegradable components being dumped in landfill sites. Any hazardous and precious materials are recovered, and in many instances new jobs are created. We operate a 0% landfill policy and any cartridge we cannot recycle or recover, will be turned into energy. Most importantly your cartridges will not end up in landfill.

Our box is 20cm x 20cm x 25cm (size will be similar to a 4-slice toaster) and usually holds up to 80 ink cartridges. You will be able to order one box per account online. For multiple boxes please email us.

Your Recycle4Charity box has a Free Postage Label attached so all you need to do is take it to the post office. Royal Mail also collect these if booked in advance via their website. Please do not send the box back until you have a minimum of 15 ink cartridges to return. Remove unnecessary packaging and fill in any gaps in the box with newspaper to protect the cartridges.

No, for used cartridges - please recycle any packaging materials yourself. By just sending in the ink cartridge, you can not only fit more in the collection boxes but also keep postage costs and any associated carbon footprint down to a minimum.

Yes, for new or unused cartridges – you may send us unused ink cartridges in their original packaging as in some cases they will raise extra funds.

To check your donation, log in to your account and click breakdown statement to see how much you and your supporters have raised with the ink cartridges sent to us. Charities will also receive a monthly statement via email.

The breakdown statement shows how much you have raised for your cause, previous payments and the amount of waste kept out of landfill. Donators will be able to see their individual donations and charities will be able to see all donations associated to the fundraising account.

Cartridges may still be waiting to be processed. It can take up to 20 days from the day of posting to show on your breakdown statement.

If after 20 days from the time the items were sent, there is still no record of them on your statement please contact us to confirm reception of your package.

We will offer up to £25 compensation if a collection box is lost in transit. Proof of postage will be required.

Yes. Simply repeat the registration process specifying a different charity. With each registration you will be assigned a unique Supporter ID. When you want to order more Free Postage Labels or Collection Boxes, please ensure you login with the correct supporter ID so that funds are allocated to the correct charity.

If the charity or not-for-profit that you wish to raise money for does not appear in the search list, please add it to our list.

Yes. Once you have registered a charity or any not-for-profit organisation on our registration page the organisation will appear in the charity search box for new users. Anyone who subsequently selects you as their beneficiary will raise money for your cause.

Yes. The process is the same whether you register a new charity or select from those who are already registered with us.