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Mobile phone recycling has now ended

Mobile phone donations ended on the 1st Jan 2019.
Any mobiles sent after this date will not generate a donation.
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Recycle Mobile Phones

Mobile phone recycling ends 1st Jan 2019

Recycle your old mobile phones to protect the environment and raise money for charity. It’s easy and even if your phone is broken, faulty or locked it still has a value. Just register and choose who you want to raise the money for.

To order materials for the recycling of mobile phones, you will need to Register if you haven’t already, or alternatively log in and click the "Order Recycling Materials" button from the dashboard.

Please note that due to Royal Mail's policy changes we can no longer accept mobile phones in freepost bags- mobiles sent in this way may incur a surcharge and therefore will not raise a donation. Please use collection boxes if you wish to send us your mobiles.

Some phones can raise £70 or more for your beneficiary. The prices change every day so your charity donation will be based on the best returns the market can offer. You will receive a full breakdown of the money raised, once the phones have been sold via auction. 50% of the final sales value will be donated to the charity untouched, the remaining 50% will go to pay for the recycling boxes used, UK postage, testing and handling of the phones, storage, air freight, insurance, disposal of waste and any auction fees.

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