Wanted List

Use the lookup tool to confirm your ink cartridge donation value. Please make sure all ink cartridges sent to us have a combined donation value of £2 or more as we don’t process smaller donations. Type in your ink cartridge model (not the printer model) in the search box below. Toner and laser cartridges are not accepted as part of the programme.

  • Select a cartridge below to view its donation value
OriginalBrother LC223 Black (LC223BK)
OriginalBrother LC223 Cyan (LC223C)
OriginalBrother LC223 Magenta (LC223M)
OriginalBrother LC223 Yellow (LC223Y)
OriginalBrother LC225 XL Cyan (LC225XLC)
OriginalBrother LC225 XL Magenta (LC225XLM)
OriginalBrother LC225 XL Yellow (LC225XLY)
OriginalBrother LC227 XL Black (LC227XL)
OriginalBrother LC229 XL Black (LC229XL)
OriginalBrother LC22E XL Black (LC22EBK)
OriginalBrother LC22E XL Cyan (LC22EC)
OriginalBrother LC22E XL Magenta (LC22EM)
OriginalBrother LC22E XL Yellow (LC22EY)
OriginalBrother LC22U Black (LC22UBK)
OriginalBrother LC22U Cyan (LC22UC)
OriginalBrother LC22U Magenta (LC22UM)
OriginalBrother LC22U Yellow (LC22UY)
OriginalBrother LC3211 Black (LC3211BK)
OriginalBrother LC3211 Cyan (LC3211C)
OriginalBrother LC3211 Magenta (LC3211M)
OriginalBrother LC3211 Yellow (LC3211Y)
OriginalBrother LC3213 Black (LC3213BK)
OriginalBrother LC3213 Cyan (LC3213C)
OriginalBrother LC3213 Magenta (LC3213M)
OriginalBrother LC3213 Yellow (LC3213Y)
OriginalBrother LC3217 Black (LC3217BK)
OriginalBrother LC3217 Cyan (LC3217C)
OriginalBrother LC3217 Magenta (LC3217M)
OriginalBrother LC3217 Yellow (LC3217Y)
OriginalBrother LC3219 XL Black (LC3219XLBK)
OriginalBrother LC3219 XL Cyan (LC3219XLC)
OriginalBrother LC3219 XL Magenta (LC3219XLM)
OriginalBrother LC3219 XL Yellow (LC3219XLY)
OriginalBrother LC3237 Black (LC3237BK)
OriginalBrother LC3237 Cyan (LC3237C)
OriginalBrother LC3237 Magenta (LC3237M)
OriginalBrother LC3237 Yellow (LC3237Y)
OriginalBrother LC426 Yellow (LC426XL Y)
OriginalBrother LC426 XL Black (LC426XL)
OriginalBrother LC426 XL Cyan (LC426XL C)
OriginalBrother LC426 XL Magenta (LC426XL M)
OriginalCanon BC-01 Black (0879A002)
OriginalCanon BC-02 Black (0881A002)
OriginalCanon BX-2 Black (0882A002)
OriginalCanon BX-3 Black (0884A002)
OriginalCanon CL-38 Tri-colour (2146B001)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-38 Tri-colour (2146B001)
OriginalCanon CL-41 Tri-colour (0617B001)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-41 Tri-colour (0617B001)
OriginalCanon CL-51 Tri-colour (0618B001)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-51 Tri-colour (0618B001)
OriginalCanon CL-511 Tri-colour (2972B009)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-511 Tri-colour (2972B009)
OriginalCanon CL-513 Tri-colour (2971B001)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-513 Tri-colour (2971B001)
OriginalCanon CL-52 Photo Colour (0619B001)
OriginalCanon CL-541 Tri-colour (5227B004)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-541 Tri-colour (5227B004)
OriginalCanon CL-541 XL Tri-colour (5226B005)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-541 XL Tri-colour (5226B005)
OriginalCanon CL-546 Tri-colour (8289B001)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-546 Tri-colour (8289B001)
OriginalCanon CL-546 XL Tri-colour (8288B001)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-546 XL Tri-colour (8288B001)
OriginalCanon CL-561 Tri-colour
RemanufacturedCanon CL-561 Tri-colour
OriginalCanon CL-561 XL Tri-colour (CL-561XL)
RemanufacturedCanon CL-561 XL Tri-colour (CL-561XL)
OriginalCanon CL-586 Tri-colour
OriginalCanon CL-586 starter Tri-colour (CL-586i)
OriginalCanon CL-586 XL Tri-colour (CL-586XL)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Black (6384B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Cyan (6385B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Grey (6390B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Light Grey (6391B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Magenta (6386B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Photo Cyan (6388B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Photo Magenta (6389B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 Yellow (6387B001)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Black (CLI-42BK)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Cyan (CLI-42C)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Grey (CLI-42GY)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Light Grey (CLI-42LGY)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Magenta (CLI-42M)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Photo Cyan (CLI-42PC)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Photo Magenta (CLI-42PM)
OriginalCanon CLI-42 setup Yellow (CLI-42Y)
OriginalCanon CLI-581 XL Black (2052C001)
OriginalCanon CLI-581 XL Cyan (2049C001)
OriginalCanon CLI-581 XL Magenta (2050C001)
OriginalCanon CLI-581 XL Photo Blue (2053C001)
OriginalCanon CLI-581 XL Yellow (2051C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Blue (0891B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Cyan (0884B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Green (0890B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Magenta (0885B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Matte Black (0882B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Photo Cyan (0887B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Photo Magenta (0888B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Red (0889B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101 Yellow (0886B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-101PGY starter Photo Grey (AB6-0113)
OriginalCanon PFI-102 Black (0895B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-102 Cyan (0896B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-102 Magenta (0897B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-102 Matte Black (0894B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-102 Yellow (0898B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-107 Black (6705B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-107 Matte Black (6704B001)
OriginalCanon PFI-107 starter Black (1609)
OriginalCanon PFI-107 starter Cyan (1610)
OriginalCanon PFI-107 starter Magenta (1611)
OriginalCanon PFI-107 starter Matte Black (1608)
OriginalCanon PFI-107 starter Yellow (1612)
OriginalCanon PFI-107C Cyan (AB6-1600)
OriginalCanon PFI-107M Magenta (AB6-1601)
OriginalCanon PFI-107Y Yellow (AB6-1602)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Blue (0784C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Chroma Optimiser (0785C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Cyan (0776C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Grey (0781C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Magenta (0777C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Matte Black (0774C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Photo Black (0775C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Photo Cyan (0779C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Photo Grey (0782C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Photo Magenta (0780C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Red (0783C001)
OriginalCanon PFI-1700 Yellow (0778C001)
OriginalCanon PG-37 Black (2145B001)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-37 Black (2145B001)
OriginalCanon PG-40 Black (0615B001)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-40 Black (0615B001)
OriginalCanon PG-50 Black (0616B001)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-50 Black (0616B001)
OriginalCanon PG-510 Black (2970B001)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-510 Black (2970B001)
OriginalCanon PG-512 Black (2969B001)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-512 Black (2969B001)
OriginalCanon PG-540 Black (5225B004)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-540 Black (5225B004)
OriginalCanon PG-540 XL Black (5222B004)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-540 XL Black (5222B004)
OriginalCanon PG-545 Black (8287B001)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-545 Black (8287B001)
OriginalCanon PG-545 XL Black (8286B001)
RemanufacturedCanon PG-545 XL Black (8286B001)
OriginalCanon PG-560 Black
OriginalCanon PG-560 XL Black (PG-560XL)
OriginalCanon PG-585 Black
OriginalCanon PG-585 starter Black (PG-585i)
OriginalCanon PG-585 XL Black (PG-585XL)
OriginalCanon PGI-1500 XL Black (9182B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-1500 XL Cyan (9193B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-1500 XL Magenta (9194B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-1500 XL Yellow (9195B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-2500 XL Black (9254B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-2500 XL Cyan (9265B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-2500 XL Magenta (9266B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-2500 XL Yellow (9267B001)
OriginalCanon PGI-570 XL Black (0318C001)
OriginalCanon PGI-580 XL Black (2024C001)
OriginalDell SERIES 15 Black (592-10305 ?)
OriginalDell SERIES 15 Tri-colour (592-10306)
OriginalEpson 29 XL Black (C13T29914012)
OriginalEpson 29 XL Cyan (C13T29924013)
OriginalEpson 29 XL Magenta (C13T29934014)
OriginalEpson 29 XL Yellow (C13T29944015)
OriginalEpson 34 XL Black (T3471)
OriginalEpson 34 XL Cyan (T3472)
OriginalEpson 34 XL Magenta (T3473)
OriginalEpson 34 XL Yellow (T3474)
OriginalEpson 35 XL Black (C13T35914010)
OriginalEpson 35 XL Cyan (C13T35924010)
OriginalEpson 35 XL Magenta (C13T35934010)
OriginalEpson 35 XL Yellow (C13T35944010)
OriginalEpson 502 XL Black
OriginalEpson 502 XL Cyan (C13T02W24010)
OriginalEpson 502 XL Magenta (C13T02W34010)
OriginalEpson 502 XL Yellow (C13T02W44010)
OriginalEpson 503 XL Black
OriginalEpson 503 XL Cyan
OriginalEpson 503 XL Magenta
OriginalEpson 503 XL Yellow
OriginalEpson 603 XL Black (C13T03A14020)
OriginalEpson 603 XL Cyan (C13T03A24020)
OriginalEpson 603 XL Magenta (C13T03A34010)
OriginalEpson 603 XL Yellow (C13T03A44010)
OriginalEpson 604 XL Black
OriginalEpson 604 XL Cyan
OriginalEpson 604 XL Magenta
OriginalEpson 604 XL Yellow
OriginalFrama MATRIX F12 Blue (1021052)
RemanufacturedFrama MATRIX F12 Blue (1021052)
OriginalFrama MATRIX F2 Blue (1018967)
RemanufacturedFrama MATRIX F2 Blue (1018967)
OriginalFrama MATRIX F22 Blue (1021053)
RemanufacturedFrama MATRIX F22 Blue (1021053)
OriginalFrama MATRIX F32 Blue (1021054)
RemanufacturedFrama MATRIX F32 Blue (1021054)
OriginalFrama MATRIX F4/F4-L/F6 Blue (1003589)
RemanufacturedFrama MATRIX F4/F4-L/F6 Blue (1003589)
OriginalFrama MATRIX F42 Blue (1021055)
RemanufacturedFrama MATRIX F42 Blue (1021055)
OriginalHP 17 Tri-colour (C6625D)
OriginalHP 17 XL Tri-colour (C6625A)
OriginalHP 21 Black (C9351AE)
RemanufacturedHP 21 Black (C9351AE)
OriginalHP 21 introductory Black (C9351GE)
OriginalHP 21 small Black (C9351AE)
RemanufacturedHP 21 small Black (C9351AE)
OriginalHP 21 XL Black (C9351CE)
RemanufacturedHP 21 XL Black (C9351CE)
OriginalHP 22 Tri-colour (C9352AE)
RemanufacturedHP 22 Tri-colour (C9352AE)
OriginalHP 22 introductory Tri-colour (C9352GE)
OriginalHP 22 small Tri-colour (C9352AE)
RemanufacturedHP 22 small Tri-colour (C9352AE)
OriginalHP 22 XL Tri-colour (C9352CE)
RemanufacturedHP 22 XL Tri-colour (C9352CE)
OriginalHP 26 Tri-colour (51626A)
OriginalHP 27 Black (C8727AE)
RemanufacturedHP 27 Black (C8727AE)
OriginalHP 28 Tri-colour (C8728AE)
RemanufacturedHP 28 Tri-colour (C8728AE)
OriginalHP 300 Black (CC640EE)
RemanufacturedHP 300 Black (CC640EE)
OriginalHP 300 Tri-colour (CC643EE)
RemanufacturedHP 300 Tri-colour (CC643EE)
OriginalHP 300 XL Black (CC641EE)
RemanufacturedHP 300 XL Black (CC641EE)
OriginalHP 300 XL Tri-colour (CC644EE)
RemanufacturedHP 300 XL Tri-colour (CC644EE)
OriginalHP 301 Black (CH561E)
RemanufacturedHP 301 Black (CH561E)
OriginalHP 301 Tri-colour (CH562E)
RemanufacturedHP 301 Tri-colour (CH562E)
OriginalHP 301 XL Black (CH563E)
RemanufacturedHP 301 XL Black (CH563E)
OriginalHP 301 XL Tri-colour (CH564E)
RemanufacturedHP 301 XL Tri-colour (CH564E)
OriginalHP 302 Black (F6U66A)
RemanufacturedHP 302 Black (F6U66A)
OriginalHP 302 Tri-colour (F6U65A)
RemanufacturedHP 302 Tri-colour (F6U65A)
OriginalHP 302 instant ink Black (J3N52A)
OriginalHP 302 instant ink setup Black (N9J32A)
OriginalHP 302 instant ink setup h Black (N9J33A)
OriginalHP 302 instant ink setup h Tri-colour (N9K17A)
OriginalHP 302 instant ink setup Tri-colour (N9J31A)
OriginalHP 302 instant ink Tri-colour (J3N51A)
OriginalHP 302 setup Black (N9J10A)
OriginalHP 302 setup h Black (N9J11A)
OriginalHP 302 setup h Tri-colour (N9K13A)
OriginalHP 302 setup Tri-colour (N9J09A)
OriginalHP 302 XL Black (F6U68A)
RemanufacturedHP 302 XL Black (F6U68A)
OriginalHP 302 XL Tri-colour (F6U67A)
RemanufacturedHP 302 XL Tri-colour (F6U67A)
OriginalHP 303 Black (T6N02AE)
RemanufacturedHP 303 Black (T6N02AE)
OriginalHP 303 Tri-colour (T6N01AE)
RemanufacturedHP 303 Tri-colour (T6N01AE)
OriginalHP 303 instant ink Black (T6M98A)
OriginalHP 303 instant ink Tri-colour (T6M97A)
OriginalHP 303 XL Black (T6N04AE)
RemanufacturedHP 303 XL Black (T6N04AE)
OriginalHP 303 XL Tri-colour (T6N03AE)
RemanufacturedHP 303 XL Tri-colour (T6N03AE)
OriginalHP 304 Black (N9K06A)
RemanufacturedHP 304 Black (N9K06A)
OriginalHP 304 Tri-colour (N9K05A)
RemanufacturedHP 304 Tri-colour (N9K05A)
OriginalHP 304 instant ink Black (N9K00A)
OriginalHP 304 instant ink Tri-colour (N9J99A)
OriginalHP 304 XL Black (N9K08A)
RemanufacturedHP 304 XL Black (N9K08A)
OriginalHP 304 XL Tri-colour (N9K07A)
RemanufacturedHP 304 XL Tri-colour (N9K07A)
OriginalHP 305 Black (3YM61A)
OriginalHP 305 Tri-colour (3YM60A)
OriginalHP 305 instant ink Tri-colour (3YM53A)
OriginalHP 305 setup Black (3YM40A)
OriginalHP 305 setup Tri-colour (3YM39A)
OriginalHP 305 XL Black (3YM61A)
OriginalHP 305 XL Tri-colour (3YM62A)
OriginalHP 305 + 307 instant ink Black (3YM54A)
OriginalHP 305 + 307 instant ink Black (3YQ42A)
OriginalHP 307 XL Black (3YM64A)
OriginalHP 337 Black (C9364EE)
OriginalHP 337 small Black (C9364EE)
OriginalHP 338 Black (C8765EE)
OriginalHP 339 Black (C8767EE)
OriginalHP 339 NEW DATE Black (C8767E)
OriginalHP 342 Tri-colour (C9361EE)
OriginalHP 343 Tri-colour (C8766EE)
OriginalHP 343 small Tri-colour (C8766EE)
RemanufacturedHP 343 small Tri-colour (C8766EE)
OriginalHP 344 Tri-colour (C9363EE)
OriginalHP 350 XL Black (CB336EE)
OriginalHP 351 Tri-colour (CB337EE)
OriginalHP 351 XL Tri-colour (CB338EE)
OriginalHP 3UB79B Black
OriginalHP 40 Black (51640AE)
OriginalHP 45 Black (51645D)
RemanufacturedHP 45 Black (51645D)
OriginalHP 45 Black (51645G)
RemanufacturedHP 45 Black (51645G)
OriginalHP 45 Black (51645J)
RemanufacturedHP 45 Black (51645J)
OriginalHP 45 XL Black (51645A)
RemanufacturedHP 45 XL Black (51645A)
OriginalHP 56 Black
RemanufacturedHP 56 Black
OriginalHP 56 small Black (C6656GE)
OriginalHP 57 Tri-colour (C6657AE)
RemanufacturedHP 57 Tri-colour (C6657AE)
OriginalHP 57 small Tri-colour (C6657GE)
OriginalHP 58 Photo Colour (C6658AE)
OriginalHP 61/301 instant ink Black (B3B27A)
OriginalHP 61/301 instant ink Tri-colour (B3B28A)
OriginalHP 62 Black (C2P04A)
RemanufacturedHP 62 Black (C2P04A)
OriginalHP 62 Tri-colour (C2P06A)
RemanufacturedHP 62 Tri-colour (C2P06A)
OriginalHP 62 instant ink Black (C2P08A)
OriginalHP 62 instant ink Black (J3N48A)
OriginalHP 62 instant ink setup Black (M0J07A)
OriginalHP 62 instant ink Tri-colour (C2P09A)
OriginalHP 62 instant ink Tri-colour (J3N47A)
OriginalHP 62 setup Black (N9J43A)
OriginalHP 62 setup h Black (N9J45A)
OriginalHP 62 setup h Tri-colour (N9J44A)
OriginalHP 62 setup Tri-colour (N9J42A)
OriginalHP 62 XL Black (C2P05A)
RemanufacturedHP 62 XL Black (C2P05A)
OriginalHP 62 XL Tri-colour (C2P07A)
RemanufacturedHP 62 XL Tri-colour (C2P07A)
OriginalHP 63 Black (F6U62A)
RemanufacturedHP 63 Black (F6U62A)
OriginalHP 63 Tri-colour (F6U61A)
RemanufacturedHP 63 Tri-colour (F6U61A)
OriginalHP 63 instant ink setup Black
OriginalHP 63 instant ink setup h Black (N9J30A)
OriginalHP 63 instant ink setup h Tri-colour (N9K16A)
OriginalHP 63 instant ink setup Tri-colour
OriginalHP 63 XL Black (F6U64A)
RemanufacturedHP 63 XL Black (F6U64A)
OriginalHP 63 XL Tri-colour (F6U63A)
RemanufacturedHP 63 XL Tri-colour (F6U63A)
OriginalHP 63/302 instant ink Black (E5Z02A)
OriginalHP 63/302 instant ink Tri-colour (E5Z01A)
OriginalHP 63/302/65/304 instant ink Black (E5Z02A)
OriginalHP 63/302/65/304 instant ink Tri-colour (E5Z01A)
OriginalHP 64 Black (N9J90A)
OriginalHP 64 Tri-colour (N9J89A)
OriginalHP 64/303 instant ink Black (T0A87A)
OriginalHP 64/303 instant ink Tri-colour (T0A86A)
OriginalHP 64XL XL Black (N9J92A)
OriginalHP 64XL XL Tri-colour (N9J91A)
OriginalHP 65 Black (N9K02A)
OriginalHP 65 Tri-colour (N9K01A)
OriginalHP 65 setup Tri-colour
OriginalHP 65 XL Black (N9K04A)
OriginalHP 65 XL Tri-colour (N9K03A)
OriginalHP 65/304 instant ink Black (N9K10A)
OriginalHP 65/304 instant ink Tri-colour (N9K09A)
OriginalHP 650 Black (CZ101AE)
OriginalHP 650 Tri-colour (CZ102AE)
OriginalHP 651 Black (C2P10AE)
OriginalHP 651 Tri-colour (C2P11AE)
OriginalHP 651 setup Black
OriginalHP 651 setup h Black
OriginalHP 651 setup h Tri-colour
OriginalHP 651 setup Tri-colour
OriginalHP 652 Black (F6V25AE)
OriginalHP 652 Tri-colour (F6V24A)
OriginalHP 652 setup Black (N9J25A)
OriginalHP 652 setup h Black (N9J27A)
OriginalHP 652 setup h Tri-colour (N9J26A)
OriginalHP 652 setup Tri-colour (N9J24A)
OriginalHP 65C setup Tri-colour (N9J93A)
OriginalHP 662 Black (CZ103AE)
OriginalHP 662 Tri-colour (CZ104AE)
OriginalHP 662 XL Black (CZ105AE)
OriginalHP 662 XL Tri-colour (CZ106AE)
OriginalHP 678 Black (CZ107AE)
OriginalHP 678 Tri-colour (CZ108AE)
OriginalHP 70 Blue (C9458A)
OriginalHP 70 Cyan (C9452A)
OriginalHP 70 Gloss Enhancer (C9459A)
OriginalHP 70 Green (C9457A)
OriginalHP 70 Grey (C9450A)
OriginalHP 70 Light Cyan (C9390A)
OriginalHP 70 Light Grey (C9451A)
OriginalHP 70 Light Magenta (C9455A)
OriginalHP 70 Magenta (C9453A)
OriginalHP 70 Matte Black (C9448A)
OriginalHP 70 Photo Black (C9449A)
OriginalHP 70 Red (C9456A)
OriginalHP 70 Yellow (C9454A)
OriginalHP 703 Black (CD887AE)
OriginalHP 703 Tri-colour (CD888AE)
OriginalHP 704 Black (CN692AE)
OriginalHP 704 Tri-colour (CN693AE)
OriginalHP 72 XL Black (C9403A)
OriginalHP 72 XL Cyan (C9371A)
OriginalHP 72 XL Grey (C9374A)
OriginalHP 72 XL Magenta (C9372A)
OriginalHP 72 XL Matte Black (C9403A)
OriginalHP 72 XL Photo Black (C9370A)
OriginalHP 72 XL Yellow (C9373A)
OriginalHP 727 XL Cyan (B3P19A)
OriginalHP 727 XL Grey (B3P24A)
OriginalHP 727 XL Magenta (B3P20A)
OriginalHP 727 XL Matte Black (B3P22A)
OriginalHP 727 XL Photo Black (B3P23A)
OriginalHP 727 XL Yellow (B3P21A)
OriginalHP 727 XXL Cyan (F9J76A)
OriginalHP 727 XXL Grey (F9J80A)
OriginalHP 727 XXL Magenta (F9J77A)
OriginalHP 727 XXL Matte Black (C1Q12A)
OriginalHP 727 XXL Photo Black (F9J79A)
OriginalHP 727 XXL Yellow (F9J78A)
OriginalHP 78 Tri-colour (C6578D)
OriginalHP 78 setup Tri-colour (C6578E)
OriginalHP 78 XL Tri-colour (C6578A)
OriginalHP 80 Black (C4871A)
OriginalHP 80 Cyan (C4846A)
OriginalHP 80 Magenta (C4847A)
OriginalHP 80 Yellow (C4848A)
OriginalHP 804 Black (T6N10A)
OriginalHP 804 Tri-colour (T6N09A)
OriginalHP 804XL Tri-colour (T6N11A)
OriginalHP 804XL XL Black (T6N12A)
OriginalHP 81 Black (C4930A)
OriginalHP 81 Cyan (C4931A)
OriginalHP 81 Light Cyan (C4934A)
OriginalHP 81 Light Magenta (C4935A)
OriginalHP 81 Magenta (C4932A)
OriginalHP 81 Yellow (C4933A)
OriginalHP 90 Black (C5059A)
OriginalHP 901 Black (CC653AE)
RemanufacturedHP 901 Black (CC653AE)
OriginalHP 901 Tri-colour (CC656AE)
RemanufacturedHP 901 Tri-colour (CC656AE)
OriginalHP 901 XL Black (CC654AE)
RemanufacturedHP 901 XL Black (CC654AE)
OriginalHP 903 XL Black (T6M15A)
OriginalHP 903 XL Cyan (T6M03AE)
OriginalHP 903 XL Magenta (T6M07AE)
OriginalHP 903 XL Yellow (T6M11AE)
OriginalHP 907 XXL Black (T6M19AE)
OriginalHP 91 Cyan (C9467A)
OriginalHP 91 Light Cyan (C9470A)
OriginalHP 91 Light Grey (C9466A)
OriginalHP 91 Light Magenta (C9471A)
OriginalHP 91 Magenta (C9468A)
OriginalHP 91 Matte Black (C9464A)
OriginalHP 91 Photo Black (C9465A)
OriginalHP 91 Yellow (C9469A)
OriginalHP 913 Black (L0R95AE)
OriginalHP 913 Cyan (F6T77AE)
OriginalHP 913 Magenta (F6T78AE)
OriginalHP 913 Yellow (F6T79AE)
OriginalHP 913 setup Black (N9J66A)
OriginalHP 913 setup Cyan (N9J63A)
OriginalHP 913 setup Magenta (N9J64A)
OriginalHP 913 setup Yellow (N9J65A)
OriginalHP 920 XL Black (CD975AE)
OriginalHP 934 XL Black (C2P23AE)
OriginalHP 950 XL Black (CN045AE)
OriginalHP 951 XL Cyan (CN046AE)
OriginalHP 951 XL Magenta (CN047AE)
OriginalHP 951 XL Yellow (CN048AE)
OriginalHP 953 XL Black (L0S70AE)
OriginalHP 953 XL Cyan (F6U16AE)
OriginalHP 953 XL Magenta (F6U17AE)
OriginalHP 953 XL Yellow (F6U18AE)
OriginalHP 957 XL Black (L0R40AE)
OriginalHP 963 XL Black (3JA30AE)
OriginalHP 963 XL Cyan (3JA27AE)
OriginalHP 963 XL Magenta (3JA28AE)
OriginalHP 963 XL Yellow (3JA29AE)
OriginalHP 970 Black (CN621AE)
OriginalHP 970 setup Black (C2P35S)
OriginalHP 970 setup Black (D8J18S)
OriginalHP 970 XL Black (CN625AE)
OriginalHP 971 Cyan (CN622AE)
OriginalHP 971 Magenta (CN623AE)
OriginalHP 971 Yellow (CN624AE)
OriginalHP 971 setup Cyan (CN622S)
OriginalHP 971 setup Magenta (CN623S)
OriginalHP 971 setup Yellow (CN624S)
OriginalHP 971 XL Cyan (CN626AE)
OriginalHP 971 XL Magenta (CN627AE)
OriginalHP 971 XL Yellow (CN628AE)
OriginalHP 973 setup Black (L0R59A)
OriginalHP 973 setup Cyan (F6T73A)
OriginalHP 973 setup h Black
OriginalHP 973 setup h Cyan (L0R63A)
OriginalHP 973 setup h Magenta (L0R67A)
OriginalHP 973 setup h Yellow (L0R71A)
OriginalHP 973 setup Magenta (F6T74A)
OriginalHP 973 setup Yellow (F6T75A)
OriginalHP 973 XL Black (L0S07AE)
OriginalHP 973 XL Cyan (F6T81AE)
OriginalHP 973 XL Magenta (F6T82AE)
OriginalHP 973 XL Yellow (F6T83AE)
OriginalHP 976 XXL Black (L0R08A)
OriginalHP 976 XXL Cyan (L0R05A)
OriginalHP 976 XXL Magenta (L0R06A)
OriginalHP 976 XXL Yellow (L0R07A)
OriginalHP 976YC XXL Black (L0S20YC)
OriginalHP 976YC XXL Magenta (L0S30YC)
OriginalHP 980 Black (D8J10A)
OriginalHP 980 Cyan (D8J07A)
OriginalHP 980 Magenta (D8J08A)
OriginalHP 980 Yellow (D8J09A)
OriginalHP 980 setup Black (D8J06A)
OriginalHP 980 setup Cyan (D8J03A)
OriginalHP 980 setup Magenta (D8J04A)
OriginalHP 980 setup Yellow (D8J05A)
OriginalHP 981 Black (J3M71A)
OriginalHP 981 Cyan (J3M68A)
OriginalHP 981 Magenta (J3M69A)
OriginalHP 981 Yellow (J3M70A)
OriginalHP 981 extra high capacity contract Cyan (L0R13A)
OriginalHP 981 extra high capacity contract Magenta (L0R14A)
OriginalHP 981 extra high capacity contract Yellow (L0R15A)
OriginalHP 981 setup Black (J3M67A)
OriginalHP 981 setup Cyan (J3M64A)
OriginalHP 981 setup Magenta (J3M65A)
OriginalHP 981 setup Yellow (J3M66A)
OriginalHP 981 XL Black (L0R12A)
OriginalHP 981 XL Cyan (L0R09A)
OriginalHP 981 XL Magenta (L0R10A)
OriginalHP 981 XL Yellow (L0R11A)
OriginalHP 981 XXL Black (L0R16A)
OriginalHP 981 XXL Black (L0R16A)
OriginalHP 981 XXL Cyan (L0R13A)
OriginalHP 981 XXL Magenta (L0R14A)
OriginalHP 981 XXL Yellow (L0R15A)
OriginalHP 981YC XXL Black (L0R20YC)
OriginalHP 991 contract Black (X4D19AC)
OriginalHP 991 contract Cyan (X4D10AC)
OriginalHP 991 contract Magenta (X4D13AC)
OriginalHP 991 contract Yellow (X4D16AC)
OriginalHP 991 setup h Black (M0J70A)
OriginalHP 991 setup h Cyan (M0J58A)
OriginalHP 991 setup h Magenta (M0J62A)
OriginalHP 991 setup h Yellow (M0J66A)
OriginalHP 991 XL contract Black (M0K02AE)
OriginalHP 991 XL contract Cyan (M0J90AE)
OriginalHP 991 XL contract Magenta (M0J94AE)
OriginalHP 991 XL contract Yellow (M0J98AE)
OriginalHP 991 + 982 setup contract Cyan (N9H37A)
OriginalHP 991 + 982 setup contract Magenta (T6M44A)
OriginalHP 991 + 982 setup contract Yellow (T6M48A)
OriginalHP B3F58A Black
OriginalHP C1670A Blue
RemanufacturedHP C1670A Blue
OriginalHP C6128A Red
RemanufacturedHP C6128A Red
OriginalHP C6168A Red
RemanufacturedHP C6168A Red
OriginalHP C6195A Black
RemanufacturedHP C6195A Black
OriginalHP C6615A XL Black
RemanufacturedHP C6615A XL Black
OriginalHP C6615D XL Black
RemanufacturedHP C6615D XL Black
OriginalHP C6615N Black
RemanufacturedHP C6615N Black
OriginalHP C8842A Black
RemanufacturedHP C8842A Black
OriginalHP CG378A Black
RemanufacturedHP CG378A Black
OriginalHP CG400A Red
RemanufacturedHP CG400A Red
OriginalHP CG401A Blue
RemanufacturedHP CG401A Blue
OriginalHP CONTRACT contract setup Black (XD07A)
OriginalHP CONTRACT contract setup Black (L0S14A)
OriginalHP CONTRACT contract setup Black (M0H52A)
OriginalHP CONTRACT contract setup high capacity Black (M0K22A)
OriginalHP CONTRACT contract setup high capacity Magenta (IVU96A)
OriginalHP CQ849A Black
RemanufacturedHP CQ849A Black
OriginalHP F0L95A Black
RemanufacturedHP F0L95A Black
OriginalHP F0L96A Black
RemanufacturedHP F0L96A Black
OriginalHP Instant Ink 64/303/804 instant ink Tri-colour (T0A86A)
OriginalHP Q2344A Black
RemanufacturedHP Q2344A Black
OriginalHP Q2353A Blue
RemanufacturedHP Q2353A Blue
OriginalHP Q2354A Blue
RemanufacturedHP Q2354A Blue
OriginalHP Q2392A Black
OriginalHP W3T10B Black
OriginalKodak 5 XL Black (ALK1UK)
OriginalKodak 5 XL Tri-colour (ALT1UK)
OriginalNeopost IJ25 Blue
RemanufacturedNeopost IJ25 Blue
OriginalNeopost IJ25 Red
RemanufacturedNeopost IJ25 Red
OriginalNeopost IJ35 Blue
RemanufacturedNeopost IJ35 Blue
OriginalNeopost IJ35 Red
RemanufacturedNeopost IJ35 Red
OriginalPitney Bowes 78P-K Black
OriginalPitney Bowes DP200 + DM210 Black
RemanufacturedPitney Bowes DP200 + DM210 Black
OriginalPitney Bowes DP200/DP400 Blue
RemanufacturedPitney Bowes DP200/DP400 Blue

Donations are generated from both Original and Remanufactured Ink Cartridges listed in the above.

Original (Genuine/Virgin) Cartridges
  • Purchased New
  • Never previously refilled
  • Have the original manufacturer label
  • Typically generate a higher donation value than Remanufactured Cartridges
Remanufactured Cartridges
  • Purchased as previously used
  • Refilled by a 3rd party manufacturer
  • Have a non-manufacturer branded label
  • Typically generate a lower donation value than Original Cartridges

*Toner / Laser and Compatible Ink Cartridges are not accepted as part of the programme. Any damaged ink cartridges which fail visual and electric testing will also not generate a charity donation.

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.