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How does Recycle 4 Charity work?

Register your details and choose the beneficiary you’d like to donate your items to. It’s simple to add your chosen cause if it’s not already there, just click Register New Charity, it could be a club or school that hasn’t registered before. Once you are registered you can choose the recycling materials you require. Select freepost recycling bags, collection boxes, recycling posters or order all three and you will receive them in 3-5 working days based on current service levels. Simply put the items to be recycled in the bag or box and return them to Recycle4Charity. If you are running a larger fundraising campaign you can distribute bags and boxes as you see fit. Your chosen cause will be paid quarterly.

If you are looking for a hassle free service for the collection of laser and toner cartridges, please click here. The removal of these items is no longer possible through our free service.

Distributing Bags and Boxes

Distribute freepost recycling bags to friends, family or around the office. Each has the name or the logo of your cause printed on it. If you are a larger charity why not get them distributed in a local or internal publication? Collection boxes can be placed in your office, charity shops, community centres or any local hotspot where people might donate their items for your cause (please get permission first!).

Can I have a completely bespoke recycling bag design?

We can print your logo, or organization name in text, on the front of the generic freepost recycling bags and desktop recycling boxes as standard. If you would want or need a complete bespoke design for your campaign we would currently need demand for a minimum of 50,000 recycling bags to be distributed over a 1 year period. These bags can have multiple marketing messages and are good for large charities or big charity of the year campaigns for individual businesses. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Box Collections

When you have collected a minimum of 25 items (can be mixed) in a collection box and it is full, you can Arrange a Free Collection online. Please be advised that if you are looking for a hassle free service for the collection of laser and toner cartridges, please click here. The removal of these items is no longer possible through our free service.

How Much Money Have I raised?

Log in to your account online and view your Breakdown Statement to see how much you have raised by donating your items. This works just the same if you are running a larger campaign because all the boxes and bags ordered through you, feature your ID number and will show up on your statement. If you work for / represent the beneficiary e.g. a charity or not for profit organisation, you will see everything recycled using the materials distributed by you as well as those distributed independently by your supporters.

What can I donate?

We accept your Inkjet Cartridges for recycling. Please be advised that if you are looking for a hassle free service for the collection of laser and toner cartridges, please click here. The removal of these items is no longer possible through our free service.

How much is my inkjet cartridge worth?

The value of your inkjet cartridges is dependent on the manufacturer's brand and model and may vary from day to day. You will raise funds based on the best market price. In general the price guide below is true, but please ensure you have checked our inkjet page to see the exact value for your cartridge model as outline in the wanted list.

Virgin Inkjets can receive a £1 donation. If you are looking for a hassle free service for the collection of laser and toner cartridges, please click here. The removal of these items is no longer possible through our free service.

What are the benefits of recycling inkjet cartridges?

Only around 15% of the 65 million inkjet cartridges sold in the UK each year are recycled! Like other areas of recycling, reusing one inkjet cartridge is not a big step but it is the right step – which would have a major impact if everybody did it. Not to mention the amount of money it would raise for our affiliated good causes. Recycling these items means less non-biodegradable components being dumped in landfill sites. Any hazardous and precious materials are recovered, and in many instances new UK jobs are created.

We operate a 0% landfill policy and any item not able to be recycled, or recovered will be turned into energy.

Most importantly do not throw your cartridges away.

Why haven't I heard about printer cartridge recycling before?

It’s a relatively new industry. 65 million inkjet cartridges are sold in the UK each year but only around 15% of these are recycled. Most people throw their cartridges away because they are unaware that recycling services for them exist. This means that many millions end up in incinerators or landfill which is unnecessary. Recycling cartridges presents a new way of reducing the impact on our environment and helping charities raise funds at the same time!

Can I register to donate to more than one charity?

Yes. Simply repeat the quick and simple Registration process specifying a different charity. With each registration you will be assigned a unique Supporter ID, so when you want to order more freepost bags or collection boxes you can login with that Supporter ID to receive the correct items.

I want to start donating but my charity, club or school is not in the list.

If your charity, school, club or any other charitable organisation that you wish to raise money for doesn't appear in the search list then please add it on the Registration page.

If I register a charity can other people donate to it too?

Yes. Once you have registered a charity or any not for profit organisation on our registration page the charitable organisation will appear in the search menu for new users. Anyone who subsequently selects it will raise money for your chosen cause. Even better; by registering your chosen charitable beneficiary you can see on your Breakdown Statement how much has been raised in total by you and others donating to your cause!

If other people donate to the charity I registered will I know how much they raise?

Yes. Each Freepost Recycling Bag or Collection Box is sent out with their ID number on, which is linked to yours, and your charity details so your breakdown statement will show what they raised too.

I don't work for the charity, club or school that I am registering.

That's really no problem at all. Just make sure that you specify the organisation's name correctly in “Payment To” field on the registration page. Please remember that you will receive a cheque every quarter with the amount that has been raised for that period, which you will then need to forward to your charity, school or club.

If I Register a Charity will I receive Freepost Bags or Collection Boxes to return my items?

Yes. The process for donating items is the same whether you register a new beneficiary or select from those who are already registered. You have the option of receiving freepost recycling bags, collection boxes and posters.

What is the Breakdown Statement?

The Breakdown Statement shows how much you have raised for your beneficiary and how much waste you have kept out of landfill. The statement shows many interesting details for individual donators, fundraisers and charities.

How can I tell how much money my charity has received?

You will receive a quarterly breakdown statement and your beneficiary will receive a quarterly payment of that amount. You can log in to see current and past break down statements any time.

Why can't you accept my inkjet cartridges?

We don't accept some cartridges such as Epson or Kodak as they are actually “ink tanks” rather than inkjets. Inkjets have a patented circuit board on the bottom of the cartridge where the ink is dispersed. This is what gives a cartridge its recycling value as it cannot be manufactured by imitators. Ink tanks sometimes have a small memory chip but they do not have a circuit board so they can be easily mass-produced by anyone. This makes the empty ink tank cartridge worthless.

Should I send the item in the packaging it came with?

No. Please recycle any packaging materials yourself. By just sending in the item you can fit more in the recycling bags and keep postage costs and any associated carbon footprint down to a minimum.

How do I return my full collection box?

Log in to your account and click Arrange Collection. Please don't send the box back until you have a minimum of 25 items to return. Remove all packaging and pack them in a box. If you do not have a box big enough to hold a minimum of 25 items, you can pack the items into multiple smaller boxes and tape them together to form 1 package.

Can my type of cartridge be recycled?

Most of the time the answer is yes! Please see the inkjet page, found by clicking the link on the top right of the website, for a detailed list of inkjet cartridges that we currently donate a value for upon receipt. If your cartridge is not on our wanted Items page then unfortunately it doesn’t have a donation value, and the best way to recycle it would usually be through your local council plastic recycling program.

How many times can an inkjet cartridge be recycled?

It varies. It is common for a cartridge to be recycled more than once and can be as many as 10 times. As with all electronic items they are fragile and will be damaged if not handled carefully which in turn reduces their recycling lifespan.

I can’t see details of my box, bag, or items on my breakdown statement!

  • They may have been sent in bags or boxes with a different ID number… Which would mean the details will be shown on that account instead.
  • They may still be waiting to be processed. It can take about 5-10 days from the day of posting / collection to show on your Breakdown Statement .
  • They may have been lost in the post. If after 30 days from the time the items were sent, there is still no record of them on your statement, then we will offer £25 compensation for each lost box. Proof of collection or posting will be required.