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ZeroWasteRecycling.co.uk is the UK's most environmentally friendly printer cartridge recycling service. It is aimed at businesses, using toner cartridges, that want to lower their impact on the environment and increase their Corporate Social Responsibility. Our service is the best way for them to satisfy their duty of care when dealing with their cartridge waste. We provide customers with a paid for recycling solution where all printer consumables are accepted, whether original, remanufactured or compatible, no matter what brand or model.


Key advantages

  • Accepts all printer consumables
  • Fulfils duty of care to the highest standards
  • Complies with all relevant legislation
  • Advanced features for all types of users (single site, multiple site, remanufacturer, distributor-reseller)
  • Offers 100% transparency with Waste Transfer Notes and Breakdown Statements
  • Provides reporting and administration across multiple sites for large organisations
  • Facilitates credit prepayment and credit sharing features
  • Simple and user friendly online service
  • All materials reused or recycled

You can find more information on the Zero Waste Recycling Website.

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements of the new service, please e-mail us at admin@zerowasterecycling.co.uk