Raise money for your companies chosen charity or non-profit organisation in a way that supports your corporate social responsibility initiatives and environmental credentials.

Benefits of the Programme

  • A free and easy to use service
  • Supports corporate social responsibility initiatives and environmental credentials
  • Provides additional ongoing income to support your chosen charity
  • Access to a range of professionally produced marketing materials including; social media, digital and printed marketing content to drive engagement with the programme
Ink cartridge recycling - Companies
Recycle4Charity - Recycle for charity - Companies

How to get the best out of the Programme

Place your Recycle4Charity collection box in an appropriate and visible public area of your shop, office or reception, and where possible, display a poster from the marketing toolkit, to explain the purpose of the collection box and how it benefits your chosen charity or non-profit organisation.

Make use of the Recycle4Charity marketing materials to let your employees, customers and suppliers know how they can raise money for your cause by recycling inkjet cartridges.

Advertise your Recycle4Charity donation link on your intranet/website, to inform employees, customers and suppliers how they can recycle their used inkjet cartridges raising money for your cause instead of sending them to landfill.

Utilise social media presence to advertise the fundraising work you are doing for your chosen cause via the Recycle4Charity programme.

Step 1 - Sign Up & Select Your Charity

Select the charity or not for profit group you would like to support.

Step 2 - Order Freepost Recycling Materials

Order Freepost recycling bags or boxes to return your inkjet cartridges in.

Step 3 - Post Us Your Ink Cartridges

Pack your cartridges up and send them to us, free of charge.

Step 4 - We Send Money To Your Charity

Your charity of choice will earn for each cartridge received from the wanted list.